Share your life through video.
Record 30-second views of restaurants, hotels, places, events and experiences to share with the world. Connect with friends and family no matter where they are.

Travel without leaving the comfort of your home.
Soon users will be able to travel the world in real time by sending Vevue Requests. Whether you're planning a trip and need a preview of a hotel in Paris, or you just want to witness a sunrise in Tanzania; the Vevue Request feature allows you to ask locals their perspective. 


Earn Bitcoin + Vevue Tokens by answering Vevue Requests. 
All you need is a smartphone. Earn Bitcoin by answering requests that are pinned in your neighborhood.  Earn Vevue equity Tokens in selected areas. 

Help promote local businesses. 
With the Google Chrome Extension, Vevues can be made available when you Google Map your favorite local businesses. 


meet the team

We are fortunate to have a team from all backgrounds, all over the world. We value team diversity and are always looking for new minds to help contribute to our cause. Click here for more information on our partnerships and potential collaborations. 


Thomas Olson
Founder + Chief Visionary Officer
california, usa


Zeeshan Arif
Application Architect
whizpool, islamabad, pakistan


Kathrine Reyes
Graphic Design + Marketing
california, usa

Joshua Mix
california, usa


XiangYu Meng
dalian, china


Developers Team 
islamabad, pakistan